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Šta je sreća? To je kad se sretnu priprema i šansa... zato hajde zajedno da širimo sreću!

I will not write much about myself because my experience has shown that clients are much more interested in what they can expect and what they can count on in cooperation with me, than what my previous engagements were.
What follows is the philosophy of Charles Schultz, creator of "Peanuts" and Charlie Brown. You don’t really have to answer questions. Just read the text to the end and you will understand the message.
1. List the five richest people in the world.
2. List the last five winners in golf.
3. List the names of the last five Miss Worlds.
4. List ten people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize.
5. List the Oscar winners for Best Actor and Actress in the last five years.
And, what is the result?
The thing is, few of us remember yesterday's sensations. These are not losers, they are the best in their field. But the applause subsided. Awards lose their luster. Achievements fall into oblivion. Praises and charters are buried along with their winners.
Here are more questions, let's see how you go now.
1. List a couple of teachers who helped you in school.
2. List three friends who helped you when you were having a hard time.
3. List five people from whom you have learned something important.
4. Think of a couple of people who made you feel important.
5. Think of five people you enjoy hanging out with.
Lesson: The people who make your life different are not the ones with the most degrees, the most success, or the most awards. These are people who care.
And I care about providing you with the best possible service!
And you ... You can enjoy the small daily joys with peace of mind, while I solve your life situations.

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