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Jasmina Bucalović - KW Cvetković-RoškovMy Real Estates (48)

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I have built my professional career on knowing the real estate market, researching needs and nurturing clients. I have a great understanding of business and experience in change management. Many years of experience in various fields of telecommunications, real estate market, modern technologies and entrepreneurial spirit have positioned me as a desirable collaborator.
By education, I have a degree in economics with a professional background in natural sciences (mathematics, informatics), project management, HR, NLP and investment in the construction industry. From the position of an investor in construction and real estate construction, I was able to see and understand the general picture of the real estate market, while by deduction I analyzed the possibilities, potential risks and how to overcome them. I also perfected my knowledge in the field of legislation, document management as well as the whole process - from the first step and obtaining all building permits, to turnkey. I have a license for real estate agent no. 2074.
Customer satisfaction is most important to me and that is why my customers come first. Through open communication, honest relationship, harmonization and understanding, I identify needs, desires, possibilities and alternatives, so that everyone can come out as winners (win-win). I look at all aspects, understand and interpret the needs of clients through the overall business strategy, taking responsibility, both professional and legal, for the work performed. As a real estate agent, I am dedicated, analytical, proactive as well as a consultant, partner or consultant. With clients and my colleagues, I build a bridge of trust and respect, which makes my work unique and recognizable.
I am project and leadership oriented, always ready to help, support, transfer knowledge and experience, nurturing good interpersonal relationships. I believe that there are only challenges and that anything is possible.
I am your real estate agent, your partner and I will help you find your dream home!

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Jasmina Bucalović

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Hram svetog Save, Vračar, Beograd

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